Thursday, February 11, 2016

Too Many Expectations Being a Woman

When you are still single, 

They'll say.. maybe you are too picky.. 
Any woman can just say: well, every one wants the best for themselves.. nothing wrong with that. 

They'll say.. are straight or gay??
Any woman can just say: *$%**&#@

When you are young and getting married, 

They'll say.. are you sure that he is the one? 
Any woman can just say:  He better be because Ive said yes.

They'll say (mostly men)..  oh dear, I didn't know that you were still single when I met you last year.
Any woman can just say: Hm.. ain't that too obvious? *feeling disgusted straight away*

When you are married and have no children,

They'll say.. What are you waiting for? Time waits for no one.
Any woman can just say: Are you kidding me? Seriously? Do you think I can just say I want a baby right now, and give birth straight away? 

When you are less pretty after you are married and have children, 

They'll say.. What happen to you? You must look pretty all the time for yourself and your husband. Find quality time for you... you must!
Any woman can just say: Not everyone is as lucky as you. Especially when there is no helper around, you are the only person who picks up everything on the floor, washing the dishes, holding the broom and vacuum, the baby wants you and only you. On top of daily working schedule, the driving, etc.. 

When your husband is sick,

They'll say.. You must take good care of your husband, Make sure the environment is clean and he eats well, on time, with nutrient, etc. 
Any woman can just say: What are yo talking about? I am doing that all the time. Of course I can't babysit someone who is not a baby, right? Talk some sense to him.. are you kidding? Do you think I am his mother? 

When the house is a mess, 

They'll say.. As a mother and a wife, you have to make sure the house is tidy and clean. Make proper plans and schedule the household properly. 
Any woman can just say: Oh, thanks! Just to let you know that I tidy up the place last night and everything was in order before I left for work. And, I am the only person who sticks to the chores schedule. Thanks for your concern, it will be excellent if you want to be a part of the chores schedule. Haha..

When the children throw tantrums in public, 

They'll say.. Look at them! Their parents must have not teach them proper behaviour especially i public. 
Any woman can just say: Thanks for your quick judgement. Can I leave them with you for a sec, and learn how do you make a 2 year old behave when you pass by a toy shop? Oh, maybe you just buy the toy for the kid, eh? 

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